I came across this amazing storied Christmas ad from Burberry (celebrating 160 years) and just had to share […]
Businesses tell stories to change people’s perception and influence their actions. But according to Gaston Legorburu […]
Understanding Digital Natives
The term “digital natives” refers to a group of individuals who were born in the age […]
The topmost question on the minds of entrepreneurs is often, “How do I develop a brand […]
burberry story
Angela Ahrendts (ex-Burberry chief, now Apple head of retail) and Christopher Bailey have transformed the way […]
On the heals of Angela Ahrendts’ departure from Burberry to Apple this week, I was inspired to write […]
House of brands, Proctor and Gamble have started to look into the power of storytelling in […]
A while back I wrote a series of blog posts about disrupted industries.  I provided example after […]
A while back, I criticized Chopotle’s efforts at brand storytelling.  It wasn’t a popular opinion (read comments) […]
I’m thankful to be part of an industry that boasts the likes of Bill Bernbach, George […]