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Businesses tell stories to change people’s perception and influence their actions. But according to Gaston Legorburu and Darren McColl from SapientNitro, ‘great storytelling alone won’t save your business.’ In 2014 they published a book called “Storyscaping:Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds.” The question is have businesses taken […]
Understanding Digital Natives
The term “digital natives” refers to a group of individuals who were born in the age of digital technology. Such people have never known a time when they couldn’t be constantly connected via the Internet or mobile phones. General Characteristics Digital natives are often described as […]
The topmost question on the minds of entrepreneurs is often, “How do I develop a brand image that will speak to my market?” You likely already have some ideas, but putting those ideas into a workable plan takes research, creativity, and some measure of trial and […]

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