I just saw this update on Twitter and had to investigate further.  What is Tequila Avion and why haven’t I heard of it before?

Digging further, I knew why.  I don’t watch Entourage!

The founder of Tequila Avion (Kenny Dichter) is best friends with the creator of the hit show (Doug Ellin).  Their friendship of 35 years lead to a free product placement on one of his episodes.

However, unlike traditional product placement deals, in this instance the brand was actually an integral part of the story line.  Brilliant!


I researched further and found a telling interview with co-founder of Avion Tequila, Ken Austin.  The award-winning tequila is real and it has a true story behind it.  A story that will propel the brand to new age branding glory.

Watch the interview…

The Disruptive Brand

Avion identified a gap in an overly-saturated and extremely safe-playing market. They positioned their brand as the “fun and edgy” premium tequila.  They targeted new age consumers (25-40) who know exactly what they want from a liquor brand.

Their strategic insights about the tequila target audience is spot on…

  • 50% of tequila drinkers are women.
  • Women posses 65% of the “buying power”.
  • The perceived notion is that tequila is a painful, non-”sipable” drink (i.e not smooth, and extremely potent).

Armed with these insghts and a sexy story, they recently lunched a TV ad (defying conventional wisdom) and went for the kill with this racy and very sexy 30 second story-styled spot (Pain has its place).

Tips for Ken Austin and Kenny Dichter

Love what you’ve done so far but your real story needs to be told.  Don’t risk becoming a passing fad. Tell people how you got there.  You’re obviously very passionate about tequila and your brand.

Change your “About Avion” tab to “Our Story” or “the Avion Story”.  Either way, your inspiring story and that of your brand should be told.  Shout about it.

Otherwise, well done and can’t wait to try your brand when it hits UK shelves.

Places to Find Tequila Avion

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