I’m in love with the Sweet Leaf Brand. I’ve yet to taste a drop of their “homemade goodness in a bottle”, but I’m sure when I do, I won’t be disappointed.

Sweet Leaf Tea get storytelling.  The brand is essentially the story of its founders, David and Clayton, proudly printed on each and every bottle they produce.

From the moment you land on their homepage you’re hit with the realisation that this is no ordinary iced tea.  In fact, the brand is so personal, you’d think it was brewed in a kitchen by your sweet ol’ grandma.

Actually, it once was. It was grandma Mimi’s recipe.

Armed with an authentic story, a great product and low overheads, the brand was ready to sore, and sore it did.

By the third year, the company achieved the coveted breakeven point on revenues of $300,000.

Eight years later, the company was raking in $12 Million in revenues and had 45 employees.

By 2011 (just before it’s acquisition by Nestle Waters) the brand had revenues in excess of $50 million with plans to double that in just a few years.

Sweet Leaf Tea’s Recipe for Success

The brand’s success is very much attributed to an aura it acquired very early on.  It was the typical David v Goliath story; size didn’t matter.  David was armed with a slingshot, Sweet Leaf Tea with an authentic story.

Watch this video to get a feel of what the brand and its founder are all about.

Clayton Christopher, Founder of Sweet Leaf Tea – One Foot from Lyn Graft – LG on Vimeo.

Finding the Appropriate Tone of Voice

Without social media, the story wouldn’t have spread.  More importantly, without an authentic tone of voice, Sweet Leaf Tea’s story wouldn’t have resonated with its target audience.

An authentic tone of voice cannot be fabricated, it has to be genuine.  Sweet Leaf Tea succeeded because the voice of the brand was the voice of its founders.  The passion and enthusiasm for their brand was reflected in all their communication, both online, offline and on the packaging itself.

Sweet Leaf Tea’s story and its delivery ensured unbridled success in a crowded marketplace. The story will also be the one factor that will guarantee the brand’s success in the future.

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