stanley-hainsworthIn my new role as CSO of Sandstorm Digital I’m fortunate enough to meet and work with lots of brilliant and inspiring start-up tech entrepreneurs. I help them tell their story.

For a tech start-up launching a new product or service, storytelling through design is an essential component of the brand’s communication message; its overall story.

Examples of brands who’ve told brilliant stories via product design include AppleHarley DavidsonJohnnie Walker, and Lego.

Stanley Hainsworth – Storyteller & Design Guru

Stanley Hainsworth is an advocate and a guru of storytelling through design. He’s been creative director at Nike, Lego, and Starbucks—all brands that have become iconic through good design.

He currently runs his own design agency, Tether.

He argues that companies like Apple have a persona. “You could describe what Apple is as a person, because of the personality they’ve created”

According to Hainsworth.

Watch the full interview and be inspired. Worth your 20 minutes:

Over to you

Can you think of any other brands that tell their story via design? Does your product design tell your brand story?  Share your thoughts and experiences below…



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