I like Bufferbox.  They’ll go far.

Why do I like them? They have an “uncommone sense” approach to problem solving.


The Plot

The founders of Bufferbox were frustrated with a common problem. They took it upon themselves to solve it by thinking outside the box (pun intended) .

The Bufferbox concept is simple.  To avoid the frustration of missing your online delivery, sign up with Bufferbox and let them store your item for you until you’re ready to collect it.

The Brand Protagonists (aka the Founders)

These three founders of Bufferbox actually faced that problem.  They told their story.

The Bufferbox Story

BufferBox was founded in 2011 by 3 University of Waterloo, Mechatronics Engineering grads who absolutely hate missing deliveries.

They always bought frivolous things like textbooks and robot parts online but were never home to recieve them. They were too busy “going to class”.

They went about solving this headache.

What started as a simple engineering project to build an “electronic mailbox” evolved into a big mission.

They launched a successful pilot in their backyard at the University and are now rolling out a network of pick-up stations across the Greater Toronto Area.

They’ll soon be in a city near you.

The Conflict

All good stories have conflict.  This one is definitely not lacking.

Amazon (Goliath) has also been experimenting with drop boxes. They pose a big threat to the future of Bufferbox.  However, considering that they only cover Amazon products, Bufferbox might actually have a chance for a happy ending.

The moral of the story?

Storytelling for Tech start-ups is as essential as the business plan itself.

Angels and VCs alike are often looking to invest in the people behind the business; their story if you will.

Securing VC funding didn’t just happen because of a disruptive idea or smart technology. It happened because the founders of Bufferbox told a story that everyone can relate to.

In a nutshell, tech start-ups with a story to tell will go far.  Bufferbox sure will.

Congrats guys, well done and best of luck.

Now Over to You

Have you heard of Bufferbox? Can you relate to their story? If you had a million bucks would you invest? Share your thoughts below or join our Linkedin group and join the discussion there.

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