A while back I wrote a series of blog posts about disrupted industries.  I provided example after example of industries that got disrupted and in many cases, extinct because they failed to stay one step ahead of industry developments, competitive forces, and most importantly,  because they took their customers for granted.  They dropped the ball and someone else picked it up and ate their pie.

One of my favourite brands today challenging the status quo, acting as the consumer hero and disrupting a major industry via storytelling is the Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club As a Market Disruptor

Dollar Shave Club disrupted the men’s shaving industry (controlled by P&G’s Gillette) by creating a purple cow, a differentiator and a value proposition that cannot be ignored.    Most importantly, they told a compelling story based on truth and consumer championship.

As a result, they shaved a niche in the market and are now a major disruptive force in an industry worth billions.

If you’ve not seen their now infamous viral video, watch…

Why Dollar Shave Club’s Brand Story Is A Powerful Disruptive Force

The DSC brand has managed to tell its story, very effectively and to communicate a powerful proposition “Shaving need not be expensive” via humour, a powerful storytelling genre and one that is very tricky to execute but potent when done well.

The most effective stories, are ones that are told and re-told by others, DSC is a great example of these brand stories:

Read this article in the WSJ where they actually referred to it as a story: David and Gillette Story.

Also, read this Economist article and this Forbes article and you’ll start to see what I mean.

Most importantly, the story was simple and powerful enough to be retold enough times to get 12,000 people to sign up in the first 48 hours of its launch.

Other reasons why the DSC brand story is a powerful disruptive force:

  • It real.  The voice of the brand is truthful and brutally honest
  • Its simple
  • They told a story that most men face (high shaving expenses)
  • They acted like the hero and saved the day by saving lots of  $$$ for their customers
  • Most importantly, it’s funny and entertaining
  • As a result, it’s achieved virality and the message spreads via peers

Over to you…

Do you like Dollar Shave Club’s market disruption strategy?  Do you buy their story?  Can you think of other brands that are good at market disruption via brilliant storytelling?

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