A while back I wrote about Coca Cola’s content strategy and my disappointment in its execution.

I did qualify it by saying:

There is no doubt that Coke have the right mentality and resources to tackle the challenges brought on by the digital age and a new empowered consumer, but they’ve yet to master the art of storytelling online.  Last year’s drop of the brand out of the top 10 most valuable brands shows how steep the hill is.

Coke’s got a long way to go before they can actually implement what they’ve so eloquently described as their vision “2020″.  I for one will be watching this space.

It happened sooner than I expected.

Recently, my friend Raf over at Corporate Storyteller sent me a link to his latest blog post about what Coke’s been up to.

It appears they’ve revamped their corporate site and are now full-fledged storytellers.

Coke Stories – the customer as the hero

One of the stories they tell is about a young girl named Vanessa and how she was inspired by one of Coca-Cola’s Olympic 8-Pack of Athletes. The Athlete, Boxer Marlen Esparza.

296 Facebook shares as of the date of this post! How can you not share such an inspiring story? Making heroes out of your customer is always a good idea!

You’ve gotta love it. Nicely done Coke.

If Coke’s doing it, why aren’t you?  Have you told your brand story yet?  You should.



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