P&G’s recent ad “Best Job” for Procter & Gamble (Canada)
Are you familiar with the concept of “adjacent storytelling”? Gavin Heaton is spot on with his definition: P&G’s […]
McDonald’s recently commissioned a story-styled 90 second spot entitled “Writer”. The ad  was created by TBWA Madrid and […]
In 2010 Coca-Cola was valued at $67.983 billion dollars and ranked 5th among the world’s most valuable brands. How […]
On January 22 1984, Steve Jobs (master storyteller) heralded the launch of the Apple Macintosh with […]
I love this quote from Andrew Stanton on storytelling: To tell a good brand story you need […]
stanton on storytelling - ted talk
I’m passionate about storytelling.  I’m even more passionate about brand marketing,  hence this site. This is an intro […]
Generation Y is moving up the career ladder and getting wealthier. By 2017, its 79 million […]