Sue Unerman, CSO of my employer and a woman I highly admire, recently co-wrote a book about truth […]
It’s not Bourbon, it’s Whiskey. Tennessee “sippin” Whiskey. That’s what the folks over at Jack Daniel’s […]
I just watched the UK National Lottery’s new storytelling-styled ad aimed at selling more lottery tickets. […]
I was recently followed by @ImaginationSRS on Twitter.  Out of interest, I checked out their profile and found […]
Gillette’s “Here’s to Dad” commercial got my attention this fathers day weekend. As a proud father […]
I don’t ride, but I’m a huge fan of  Harley-Davidson. My interest in H-D stems purely […]
JW - Keep walking
Where I come from, Johnnie Walker is the undisputed king of whisky.  I practically grew up […]
Growing up I was always fascinated by the larger than life characters in advertising.  The most […]
Fairytales are the ultimate format of storytelling.  We all grew up with them and most can […]
I love to read about brands built by remarkable people.  Glen Bell, founder of Taco Bell,  […]